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Week of August 17, 2015

Emerging Technologies
Many of LetterNine's clients are either Investment Management Firms or individuals who are active investors. We don't purport ourselves to be savvy investors, but we do sometimes see emerging technologies that may not have hit the mainstream, but will likely move from "niche" to everyday solutions. One disclaimer here... we are tech guys and can tell you what is cool and has the potential for significant growth. But you need to do the research to find out how to best invest in these cool technologies.

3-D Printing
Most people know what 3-D printing is, but have you really sat back and thought about what it will become? Today, if we need a product, we may Google it to find out where we can buy it or we may purchase it online and be awed that Amazon can deliver our order in 2 days. But imagine Googling a product, downloading the design file, and actually creating it real-time. Currently, you can go online to see the product manual for just about everything you own. Think about how convenient it will be to not only be able to read the manual, but to print parts that break or wear out from these products. And forget about the consumer... how much can 3-D printing save a product developer in building a prototype? Or allow companies to print inventory real-time on-demand rather than keeping any inventory stock?

It is my belief that as the cost of 3-D printers and related equipment continue to fall, you will begin to start to see them in business and homes. There may even be businesses built around 3-D printing technology or incorporated into existing business like Kinkos (FedEx Office). Whether it is the printer manufacturers or those developing new substrates to print from, it is worth the time to look into these companies further. It is interesting to note that while companies like HP talk about how their upcoming 3-D printer line will revolutionize the market, no HP 3-D printers are listed in 3D HUB's 2015 Buyer's Guide (click here to view).

The Quest For Confidential Emails
Everyone knows that emails, by definition, are not confidential. Because there are so many devices, operating systems, browsers, and email clients, email messages must adhere to a common format and protocol. In an effort to add a layer of privacy to the email world, companies have been trying for years to introduce bolt-on solutions to try to make emails more secure and private.

The most common solutions offer the encryption of data as it is transmitted from the original sender to their designated recipients. They typically require recipients to click on links, establish accounts, and read messages using a proprietary web interface. Pretty "clunky" to say the least

A new company has developed a product for use on smart phones which allow users to send "ccc" (Confidential CC) emails. Not only is the data encrypted, it can only be viewed once, cannot be forwarded or printed, and makes it really difficult to even create a screen-shot of the message. It does require the use of a separate app, but the idea seems new and different. I'm not sure how big the market will be for a solution like this, but any time a new idea hits the tech world, there is a chance for it to take off. If you are interested in reading more about this company, their website is www.confidentialcc.com.

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