Online threats don’t rest and are constantly evolving, but our security services are always one step ahead

Get Vital Protection from Inevitable Cyberattacks

The unfortunate truth is, while the internet opens up countless doors for your business, these doors can work both ways and potentially let in cybercriminals who are looking to steal your valuable data and money or simply cause chaos. Cybercrime costs the world’s businesses billions in lost revenue every year, and small to medium-sized businesses are the ones most frequently hit. If your company has an internet connection, you need robust and proactive security measures to protect yourself from a potentially catastrophic breach.

LETTERNINE provides all-encompassing cybersecurity solutions that safeguard your IT from all types of online threats. Advanced firewalls restrict access to your systems, threat detection programs constantly monitor your systems for attacks, antimalware tools stop viruses and other harmful programs in their tracks, and email protection stops attacks from sneaking in disguised as normal correspondence. Cyberattacks are often automated and can strike at any time, but LETTERNINE’s cybersecurity experts and the tools they use are more advanced and always watching.

“60% of all small businesses fold within six months after a cyberattack. Don’t be a statistic, take the steps needed to protect your company with LETTERNINE.”

The benefits of LETTERNINE’s cybersecurity services include:
  • Always-on security that is constantly monitored
  • Advanced cybersecurity tools that neutralize all online threats
  • Automatic management and updates by LETTERNINE technicians
  • Multiple layers of security for safety and peace of mind
  • Vulnerability auditing to spot and patch weaknesses in your network
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