Video Surveillance Systems

Cybercrime may be on the rise, but threats to your physical location still exist and aren’t going anywhere

Protect your business with advanced, enterprise-grade video surveillance


With all the news about the rise of cybercrime, it can seem reasonable to prioritize network defenses over the security of your brick and mortar location. But property crime rates show no signs of abating, so in addition to cyberdefense, you need a robust physical security system to protect your business. Video surveillance is a key component of this security and, fortunately for business owners, recent advances in technology have made feature-rich, enterprise-grade surveillance systems affordable for everyone.

LETTERNINE offers a wide variety of video surveillance systems with advanced features like wireless, cloud-connected cameras that see better and farther than ever and stream to your mobile device in real time. Our experienced security technicians will help you choose the right video surveillance system for your workspace, install and integrate it into your network, and maintain it moving forward. You’ll forget it’s there until you need it, and we’ll make sure it works when you do.

“Partner with LETTERNINE for your business’s physical security, and you’ll get a feature-rich, high definition, enterprise-grade video surveillance system for a small business price.”

LETTERNINE’s surveillance systems include advanced features such as:
  • Infrared heat-detecting cameras
  • Cloud-connectivity for advanced storage options and mobile monitoring
  • Small, unobtrusive cameras
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and video management software for better monitoring and control
  • And many more
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