Email Encryption and Spam Protection

Protection for your business’s primary electronic communication

Don’t Leave Your Network Exposed

The most common vector for malware attacks and phishing scams is your company email. Seemingly harmless emails reach your employees with disguised malware or scams to trick them into giving away vital information or money. To safeguard you from these common and costly threats, LETTERNINE offers SecureTide, a powerful email filtering and threat detection system. We’ll automatically scan for suspicious and spam emails that might contain malware, scams, or just unwanted advertisements.

But what about your outbound email? Hackers and other cybercriminals can intercept your sent emails and steal the valuable information inside to sell or hold for ransom. However, if your emails are encrypted, only a trusted recipient can decode the email and read it. LETTERNINE offers CipherPost Pro, a program designed to do just that. Our powerful encryption tools will ensure that your emails are safe from hackers, and compliant with privacy regulations like HIPAA. It even works on mobile devices!

“LETTERNINE protects your inbound email from malware and scams, and your outbound email with powerful encryption. You get both from easy-to-use programs that integrate seamlessly into your systems and require no costly hardware installations.”

LETTERNINE’s email protection safeguards your business from:
  • Viruses, trojans, and worms hidden in emails
  • Social engineering scams that trick your employees into giving away data or access
  • Unwanted spam email advertisements that clutter up your inbox
  • Hackers and scammers attempting to intercept and read your private email
  • Compliance liabilities from privacy regulations like HIPAA
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